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Lewis Tondo, MD

Lewis Tondo is a board certified primary care physician specializing in Internal Medicine. He has practiced in the Troutman area for 20 years, serves as a Certified DOT Medical Examiner, and offers a popular weight loss program.

Dr. Tondo lives in Statesville and enjoys traveling and cooking.

He also works in the community through Iredell Statesville Schools and Barium Springs Home for Children

Allergies or a Cold?

Whether you're allergic to something outside or indoors, seasonal or constant, the symptoms may be similar.

How can you tell the difference?

If you're not sure whether symptoms such as a runny nose, sneezing or cough might be due to an allergy or a cold, answering the following questions may be helpful.

Note: This assessment is not intended to be a substitute for a visit with your healthcare provider.

It's Flu Season!

For some people, the flu is more than unpleasant; it's downright dangerous. Get protected with a quick and simple vaccine.

The flu, or influenza, is caused by a virus that infects the respiratory system. Though colds are also caused by viruses, the symptoms of the two illnesses have some differences. The flu is much more likely to be accompanied by fever, headache and extreme exhaustion.

The flu can be passed from person to person through coughing and sneezing. The virus may also be picked up from contaminated surfaces, such as doorknobs or telephone receivers. If you touch a contaminated surface and then touch your nose or mouth, the virus can enter your body and infect you.

Same day sick appointments available for existing patients.
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We can treat patients over the phone or through video. Ask about the availability of carside appointments.

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Tondo Internal Medicine

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Lewis Tondo, MD
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