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Lewis Tondo, MD

Lewis Tondo is a board certified primary care physician specializing in Internal Medicine. He has practiced in the Troutman area for 20 years, serves as a Certified DOT Medical Examiner, and offers a popular weight loss program.

Dr. Tondo lives in Statesville and enjoys traveling and cooking.

He also works in the community through Iredell Statesville Schools and Barium Springs Home for Children

Small Changes

If losing weight is on your to-do list, you're certainly not alone.

With a growing number of Americans tipping the scales at overweight or obese proportions, the need to slim down weighs heavily on many people's minds.

Carrying extra weight increases your risk for health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure, but making small changes in your lifestyle can make a difference.

Exercise and You

Everyone knows that regular exercise can improve your health. Creating an exercise plan and sticking to it is the hard part for most of us.

Finding time, being bored, and not seeing immediate results can be deterrents.

Need help staying motivated? This article may help




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Tondo Internal Medicine

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Lewis Tondo, MD
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